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Monday, December 13, 2010



Email - edgi_langis@yahoo.com said...


1 Extension spring –SP01 500FPS -550FPS
1 Metal Piston -------------
ANODIZED Alloy with Stainless Steel base
Polyurethane Piston Seal and Teflon ring for extra smooth travel.

Stainless Steel
7mm OD
Highly polish, Perfect fit with the spring guide stopper
for smooth bolt push.
100mm length to provide maximum spring guide

Piston and trigger Sear
Tool steel and tempered EDGI Style.

HIGH SPEED Brass (Air Rifle Barrel)
435MM length
9.6MM Outside Diameter
6.01mm ID - Mirror finish
6.02Crater and Crowned

Sp01 Spring and Metal Piston (500 – 550FPS) -$65
Spring Guide $25
Trigger/piston Sear $40
Tight Bull Barrel (435,6.01) -$70
Spring Guide Stopper -$15
FEDEX Shipping (EU) -$60

TOTAL ----------------------------------$275

SP02 Spring (630- 650fps) - $15
Cylinder Head -$25

Accept paypal payment...

Please leave your email..


Email - edgi_langis@yahoo.com said...

STANDARD Length Barrel
Model Bore 5.98 to 6.03ID Length Application
IB01-650 6.01 650 PSG1 (Long)
IB01-600 6.01 600 PSG1
IB01-560-M14 6.01 560 TM M14 (Long)
IB01-534 6.01 534 SIG550
IB01-509 6.01 509 M16A1/A2/VN, AUG
IB01-509K 6.01 509 KWA KM16
IB01-500-M14 6.01 500 TM M14 (Standard)
IB01-472 6.01 472 FAMAS
IB01-469 6.01 469 G3A3/A4/SG1
IB01-455 6.01 455 AK47/S
IB01-450-M14 6.01 450 TM M14 SOCOM
IB01-425K 6.01 425 KWA KM4 SR10
IB01-395K 6.01 395 KWA KM4A1/RIS
IB01-369 6.01 369 HK51
IB01-363 6.01 363 M4A1/RIS, SR16, XM177, SIG551
IB01-300 6.01 300 M1A1 Thompson, M733
IB01-285 6.01 285 MC51
IB01-273K 6.01 273 KWA KM4-CQB
IB01-247 6.01 247 CAR15, P90, G36C, SIG552, AK B-S
IB01-245 6.01 245 UZI
IB01-229 6.01 229 MP5A4/A5/SD5/SD6, AK Spetz
IB01-141 6.01 141 MP5K-PDW
IB01-110 6.01 110 MP5K

IH01-303 6.01 629 KJW M700
IH01-418 6.00 629 KJW M700
IH01-435 6.01 515 CA M24
IH00-453 6.00 515 CA M24
IH01-464 6.01 500 TM L96
IH01-499 6.00 500 TM L96
IH01-499A 6.01 499 Mk96 / Warrior (Stock Hopup)
IH01-499M 6.01 499 Mk96 / Warrior (PDI Hopup)
IH01-499MA 6.01 499 Maruzen Type 96 (Stock Hopup)
IH01-500 6.01 499 Maruzen Type 96 (PDI Hopup)
IH01-515 6.00 499 Mk96 / Warrior (Stock Hopup)
IH01-629 6.00 499 Mk96 / Warrior (PDI Hopup)
IH00-303 6.00 499 Maruzen Type 96 (Stock Hopup)
IH00-418 6.00 499 Maruzen Type 96 (PDI Hopup)
IH00-435 6.01 464 UTG M324 v3
IH00-453 6.00 464 UTG M324 v3
IH00-464 6.01 453 UTG M324 v2
IH00-499 6.00 453 UTG M324 v2
IH00-499A 6.01 435 VSR-10 / BAR-10 (Excluding G-SPEC)
IH00-499M 6.00 435 VSR-10 / BAR-10 (Excluding G-SPEC)
IH00-499MA 6.01 418 AGM MP002 (L96), AGM MP001
IH00-500 6.00 418 AGM MP002 (L96), AGM MP001
IH00-515 6.01 303 VSR-10 / BAR-10 (G-SPEC)
IH00-629 6.00 303 VSR-10 / BAR-10 (G-SPEC)

IP01-KWAM11L 6.01 288 KWA M11A1 Extended
IP01-KWAMP7 6.01 160 KWA MP7
IP01-KWAM11 6.01 115 KWA M11A1
IP01-KWAM9PTP 6.01 107 KWA M9 PTP
IP01-KWAKP45T 6.01 106 KWA KP45 Tactical
IP01-KWAKP8C 6.01 78 KWA KP8C
IP01-TMHC51 6.01 TM Hi-Capa 5.1

dya said...

Do you still make parts for the MP001?

Migoy said...

sir edgi how much is a 300mm 6.01 tight barrel? pls email the price to me at migoy_cadiz@yahoo.com

John said...

How much is a 509mm 6.01 tightbore, and if you don't mind, could you also email me the price?

Email - edgi_langis@yahoo.com said...

Please send me an Email for your inquiries..



Anonymous said...

Hello sir, is it possible you can make a 363mm 6.01 barrel for kwa mp7? If so, mind you send me a quote. Live in California and zip is 95111.
adrian_pumares@yahoo. com

Anonymous said...

Hello i have two questions do you ship to Canada and if so how much would it be for you to make a 650mm 6.00mm tight-bore barrel for a VSR-10. Please email me at Wolfegang@hotmail.ca

Anonymous said...

IB01-363 6.01 363 M4A1/RIS, SR16, XM177, SIG551

For use in an inokatsu M4A1 SOPMOD 2011 super version

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I am really looking to get a new inner barrel for my Modify Mod24. Anything you can do? Evike states the length as 485mm. Also interested in the steel cylinder head. Please email at llukagraphicsandmusic@gmail.com

Tommy Krypto said...

How can we contact you? I emailed you, my email is tommygerean@gmail.com

Marco said...

My is Marco and I live in Italy. I wanted information regarding the price for an EDGI BARREL for a Marutzen tipe 96 rifle and compatible with a PDI hop-up chamber for a type96. The Inner diameter should be 6.00mm with an outer diameter of 10mm (I think that it measures exactly 8,55mm as stated by the PDI 6,01mm inner barre with a 10mm outer diameter) and a total length of 600mm. My main email address is frediani@uic.es. I also have a paypal account but it's under frediani@csc.uic.es. Please let me know about Price, shipping costs and how long it would take approximately. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Regards, Marco.

Tekhnikos Magazine said...

I emailed you yesterday. I want to order the full BAR 10/VSR 10 upgrade kit with the cylinder head.

Shipping to Portland, OR USA.

I'd love to get my hands on it quickly.
Please contact me with how to finalize the order.