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Monday, March 17, 2008

Springer Rifle Cylinder Head

It's been a while since I updated this blog.

Here are some pics of the cylinder head I've made for your favorite springer rifles. I've made some improvements on the design, like fabricating the unit from stainless steel. I've also added a 4mm o-ring at the base of the nozzle to provide some damping. Sealing was also improved by adding another o-ring at the other end of the threaded area.

Notice the enlarged hole at the base of the cylinder head on the second picture? I've designed a spring-loaded valve that would fit in that tiny hole, which would serve as a gate which will open when the right pressure is reached. I'm calling it the V2B - Velocity Booster Valve.

More pictures can be found here


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering how much your upgrade kit for the DE M50 would cost and what it would offer!

Hit me up at Pfield88@gmail.com

thanks :D

Jordan said...

When is this cylinder head available?

orangeslushy22090blah *at* gmail *dot* com

SharpShoot said...

can you email me price


SharpShoot said...

Btw, is there ANY way i could but a firefly or nineball hard bucking from too?



Matthias said...
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Anonymous said...

hey!finally found my life saver!i'm a fans of springer. I'm trying my best to upgrade my current springer M14 to compete with AEG,but the maximum output that i can get is 350fps shooting with 0.2g pallet, so i hope that you can lend me a hand, and hopefully it can be ship to malaysia... thanks.

my email is yim.waihong@gmail.com.

JIF-blogg said...

Hi. Will the upgrade kit fit in a Well L96 (MB01C)?

Roger /sweden said...

hi.. i would like this edgi kit to my bar-10 how much for it and shipped to sweden?

email me on roger0239@bredband2.com

Anonymous said...

Hey i was wondering if you could send me the full JG Bar 10 upgrade kits price. I'm looking to buy...

My email is CSpwnzer@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

same here sir..
please send me the full list of bar10 upgrades with price.


Anonymous said...

can you send me the price for bar10 uprade kit?

my email: viti.1337@gmail.com

thank you

David Brautman said...

How long is the shipping process usually to the Southern USA

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