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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EdGI Adjustable BASR Piston

Tune your Spring powered rifle FPS by adjusting the length of the piston

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

EdGI barrels on new packaging from VISIPAK USA.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BAR10 ABC Guide - Part2

Sorry folks if it took me a while, as i have to make more Bar10 upgrade parts.

And now, the Cylinder and trigger disassembly procedure and installing the new parts on your Bar10.

As mentioned on the first part of this upgrade guide, the cylinder body must be opened first to remove/uninstall

all of its internal parts. By doing this, you lessen the risk of damaging the internal parts, keeping your rifle workable. This will make sure that the spring guide stopper (SPGS) (The "L" like part on the trigger mechanism) will last longer. The SPGS is the one that keeps the piston and the spring guide centered inside the cylinder. If the dimple hole on the SPGS wears out
due to wrong installation, pushing back the bolt will be difficult, and soon SLAM FIRE..

After removing the internal parts of the cylinder, take off the spring guide stopper.

Sometimes the spring guide stopper drops freely when the cylinder is empty. You use pliers to pull it out if it binds in the reciever.

There are only two Philips screws which holds the trigger system to the receiver. Once loosened, the trigger system can be easily pulled out.

B. Opening the trigger.

Since we need to install the trigger system first into the receiver before the cylinder parts, let' s open it and replace the weak parts - the Trigger Sear and Piston Sear

Remove those screws and see their proper position on the trigger system as you can see in the picture.

Insert a small screw driver inside the spring guide stopper slot to hold the trigger sear and other internal parts intact, then lift the top pair of the trigger housing.

This will ensure that you will not be loosing the tiny parts, such as springs and pins.

You may now remove the sear set from the trigger housing.

Be careful not to loose those springs and pins as replacements are really hard to find.

On top is the Trigger sear, on theleft is the.. trigger sear spring. At the middle is the piston sear and spring, and on the right is the sear pin.

C. EdGI Sear Set installation

These two stock parts the weakest in the rifle because they carry much of the load as the main spring is compressed. As you pull the bolt, the spring compresses and the piston sear catches and holds the piston in place. Once you pull the trigger, the spring decompresses and pushes the piston to build up air pressure. The faster the spring decompresses, greater pressure is generated, equating to higher FPS.

To install the EdGI piston sear, place the piston spring on top of the piston sear, then insert the two inside the trigger sear. The fastest way to do this is by seating the leg of the spring in the trigger sear, then hook the other leg into its slot on the piston sear after the pin is installed.

A properly installed piston sear is ready to catch the piston. Before putting it back to the trigger housing check if the piston sear moves freely upward by pressing it downward, then releasing. 

New Sear Set on the trigger housing ready for assembly.

Don't forget to install the trigger sear spring. Stretch it a bit so that it can push the trigger sear. The new ones are tougher and heavier compared to the stock.

Close everything and install the trigger system in the receiver. Be sure to test the trigger sear before final assembly. Push the trigger sear down as you pull the trigger. It should go downward if you pull the trigger and return to its normal position instantly.

Once the trigger system is installed back to the receiver, check again the piston sear if it still moving freely up and down .

D: Cylinder installation.

Return the cylinder body inside the reciever then install
back the spring guide stopper.

Find a tool that can be inserted into
cylinder head. A small screw driver or longer allen key
will do.
Here, i'm using the allen key that i used on loosening the cylinder head in the cylinder body.

Now install the spring guide with the spring attached then drop the piston inside the cylinder.

Put the cylinder head on top of the piston head, then use the tool to push it inside the cylinder.

Here, I am pushing the piston inside the cylinder with the use of allen key inserted into the cyl head.

Slowly push the piston inside and guide it with your thumb so that it won't scratch into the threads of the cylinder body.

Once the piston is inside, screw in the piston head until it is fully closed. Tighten the cylinder head properly to avoid stripping off the threads. Test fire the kit several times while covering the cylinder head with your thumb for compression testing.

Now, assemble the rifle then do some chronographed shots. Adjust your scope properly for accurate groupings.

Chronograph was taken after 200 rnds of ammo. Thanks to Steven..

His 5-shot group, standing at 12meters. The can diameter is 2 inches


Monday, January 26, 2009

JG Bar10 Bolt Action Rifle -ABC Guide


Rifle from Mr. Steven Tan

EdGI Upgrade Kit

1 Extension spring –SP01 -550FPS
1 Metal Piston -------------
ANODIZED Alloy with Stainless Steel base
Polyurethane Piston Seal and Teflon ring for extra smooth travel.

Stainless Steel
7mm OD
Highly polish, Perfect fit with the spring guide stopper
for smooth bolt push.
100mm length to provide maximum spring guide

Piston and trigger Sear
Tool steel and tempered EDGI Style.


435MM length
9.6MM Outside Diameter
6.01mm ID - Mirror finish
6.02Crater and Crowned


I – Disassembly/Assembly Guide

A. Stock

Your Bar10 rifle comes with an allen keys specially for the two bottom screws. Remove this 2 allen screw then loosen the screw under the trigger guard with the use of a Philips screw driver.

Carefully detach the upper portion of the rifle once the two allen screw was removed/

Watch for the magazine catch on the stock as it may flew off. The spring is so small and exact replacement is hard to find.


Loosen the crew under the receiver(fig3), then twist the outer barrel counter clock wise to detach it from the receiver.

C. . Hop –Up System

Unscrew the Hop Up holder from the Outer Barrel then detach the hop up adjuster lever. You may now pull out the barrel and hop up assembly.

Open the hop up housing,

Remove the 3 screws that hold the Hop up adjuster

Lift the half part of the housing carefully while holding the barrel.

A clear view of the hop up internal .

Tight Barrel Installation

Comparison of EdGI Bull barrel and the stock barrel

EdGi Ported Tight Bull Barrel

Notice the light passing through from the upper port to the lower port hole.

Install the stock hop up rubber then seal it with a Teflon tape. Wash first the rubber with soap to remove oil and grease. Aftermarket Hop up rubber may not need teflon sealing. You may also purchase an Anti blow by ring as a seal instead of Teflon tafe.

Observe for the position of the rubber lock that goes inside the slot of the other half of the hop up housing.

Before closing the Hop assembly, make sure that the notch of the hop up rubber is properly seated in the slot on the hop up housing.

An EdGi barrel with a hop up set to Zero.

Install everything back inside the outer barrel but remover first the End cap so that it won't damage the crowning of the barrel.
The stock plastic barrel spacer inner hole were small for the new EdGI barrel. You may enlarge the hole with the use of a round file or a 220 grit rolled sand paper.


Open your Cylinder first and remove all the internal parts ; Piston, Spring, Spring Guide before removing the trigger assembly. Removing the spring guide stopper first will cause a damage on its upper lip/dimple that may lead to slam firing, harder bolt return.

More to come: