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Monday, January 26, 2009

JG Bar10 Bolt Action Rifle -ABC Guide


Rifle from Mr. Steven Tan

EdGI Upgrade Kit

1 Extension spring –SP01 -550FPS
1 Metal Piston -------------
ANODIZED Alloy with Stainless Steel base
Polyurethane Piston Seal and Teflon ring for extra smooth travel.

Stainless Steel
7mm OD
Highly polish, Perfect fit with the spring guide stopper
for smooth bolt push.
100mm length to provide maximum spring guide

Piston and trigger Sear
Tool steel and tempered EDGI Style.


435MM length
9.6MM Outside Diameter
6.01mm ID - Mirror finish
6.02Crater and Crowned


I – Disassembly/Assembly Guide

A. Stock

Your Bar10 rifle comes with an allen keys specially for the two bottom screws. Remove this 2 allen screw then loosen the screw under the trigger guard with the use of a Philips screw driver.

Carefully detach the upper portion of the rifle once the two allen screw was removed/

Watch for the magazine catch on the stock as it may flew off. The spring is so small and exact replacement is hard to find.


Loosen the crew under the receiver(fig3), then twist the outer barrel counter clock wise to detach it from the receiver.

C. . Hop –Up System

Unscrew the Hop Up holder from the Outer Barrel then detach the hop up adjuster lever. You may now pull out the barrel and hop up assembly.

Open the hop up housing,

Remove the 3 screws that hold the Hop up adjuster

Lift the half part of the housing carefully while holding the barrel.

A clear view of the hop up internal .

Tight Barrel Installation

Comparison of EdGI Bull barrel and the stock barrel

EdGi Ported Tight Bull Barrel

Notice the light passing through from the upper port to the lower port hole.

Install the stock hop up rubber then seal it with a Teflon tape. Wash first the rubber with soap to remove oil and grease. Aftermarket Hop up rubber may not need teflon sealing. You may also purchase an Anti blow by ring as a seal instead of Teflon tafe.

Observe for the position of the rubber lock that goes inside the slot of the other half of the hop up housing.

Before closing the Hop assembly, make sure that the notch of the hop up rubber is properly seated in the slot on the hop up housing.

An EdGi barrel with a hop up set to Zero.

Install everything back inside the outer barrel but remover first the End cap so that it won't damage the crowning of the barrel.
The stock plastic barrel spacer inner hole were small for the new EdGI barrel. You may enlarge the hole with the use of a round file or a 220 grit rolled sand paper.


Open your Cylinder first and remove all the internal parts ; Piston, Spring, Spring Guide before removing the trigger assembly. Removing the spring guide stopper first will cause a damage on its upper lip/dimple that may lead to slam firing, harder bolt return.

More to come:


bob saget said...

where can i buy the edgi kit? and is there a way i can customize it to get the certain parts i want?

bob saget said...

where can i buy the edgi kit? and is there a way i can customize it to get the certain parts i want?

Matt said...

I would like to buy the edgi kit, but only custom parts. For my science fair project I am going to study components to the speed and accuracy of the JG Bar 10. I'm low on money and have to buy it myself so I need to cut the price down a bit.

Dexter said...

Sir where can I buy your tight barrels because I am planning to use it in my airsoft SR25 rifle. do you hav a retail outlet?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the philippines and I want to purchase one of your custom barrels. What is your address? Pls email it to me acjohansen2@hotmail.com thanks a lot

airsoft said...

Upgrading an airsoft gun is really cool. You will enjoy various selections; from style up to sizes of your choice. Avail it online and you’ll surely have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing... great help.

red said...

where can i buy your parts pls.email me at redish_trigger@yahoo.com thank you so much!

Mada said...

I am would like to purchase the JG BAR-10 upgrade kit and barrel.


Anonymous said...

hello sir where can i buy your bar-10 upgrade kit? am from pasay pls email it to me.. danmasangkay@yahoo.com thanks

Fredy Liu said...

where can i buy your edgi kits and how much? thank you